Friday, December 25, 2009

To my close friend i know you love this team ha ha

I am glad we are talking and stuff its so awesome and i miss you tons!

Fun without the meaning

Whats better the party or the people there if you say the party your a loner and if you say the people you have no fun.
whats the point i guess there is none. i guess its just bot in a way you bump into ppl you like and some you don't and some you have never seen that within the next party comes up will be in either one of the first like o don't like.

You have something special till it falls apart

I feel like sometimes i am a shadow in my big ego and it drives me nuts i love to hate what i have made of myself. Sometimes i wish it was like the same when we were in kinder and i would play everyday and not care about much that was going on.i want to tell someone i love them and take it back the next day what's wrong with me? i know my friends always say oh yall are cute the moment he breaks my hear t his an ass and when i am with him again they get mad and then they accept and then i complain of why i wasted my time and they allowed me to do that. Sorry guys i will try to stop doing that. i am in love with facts and not so much whats in my face someone who makes me laugh happy and i think about non-stop about i believe i am in love.


Sunday, December 20, 2009