Saturday, December 11, 2010

I think so

O think I think it's something I have to do I just turned 17.
Is it because am in love nope happy maybe but
I have realized his maybe just maybe the one
I know he looks at other girls in aww but as do I but
In guys.... I would enjoy what am given but always
Want more his everything and am glad right now am all

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Running for BHS class 2012

family girl night

Remember sleepovers, giggling girly talk, gummy bears, and the latest Molly Ringwald VHS? In a room full of teen angst there was at least one designated home girl – the one who told you that you were trippin’ falling for the wannabe thug, who wiped your tears when your heart was broken, who would simply say, “Um, no girl” when you tried to make green velvet spandex and an orange scrunchy (think side ponytail) work. But life isn’t as simple as Girlfriends, Sex and the City and Waiting To Exhale would have you believe. Before you know it, life kicks into overdrive and “girl time” hardly happens.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

idk what day it is...

its raining a whole lot and i am upset over not having the one guy that likes me just as much as i do him i wish i knew how my new puppie is doing i am in austin with an option of getting work and swimming all summer :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I like what i am maybe not all the time...

I wonder what i am going to do when i get older will i ever get married?Great guy and awesome words maybe not rich but always me true man.

If i had some stuff that was worth saying out loud maybe i would have nothing to type. I think that today went pretty well joe the team captain of the varsity basketball team had his photo everywhere on monday it was pretty bad. I realized i didnt need a guy. Colt wow he shocked me with what he wrote he called me babe i was flattered! Thats sweet! Anyways what was i going to do i wonder if norma is okay she went to the hospital today maybe she is just shopping i wonder if mother is coming she should that would be awesome!She can see a game of mine!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why do i have to be a girl

I fell for him again
i dumped the lover
I left my love
And i fell in love with him all over again


Why do i have to be a girl...
I hate how i just dumped my boyfriend today i felt like an ass because i am not even that sure of how much i really do like larelle maybe i just like lots of guys and i just cant handle just one. I hate how robert plays too much which then makes me dislike larelle and thats the main reason i like him in the first place i guess in a way that could be considered lust i always wanted to be with the guy i fell in love with ya i fell in love once from what i know i really liked omar but his just too random which i can take but perfect isnt what i want and his something i see long term not just in the bliss i want to date larelle just so that i can pretend that his robert and how much i loved him i could gove him a huge hug i miss jose even hours later i hate missing up good things for something that ends up sizzling out...
Lorena is suppose to be coming to my soccer game and i have to miss thursdays game because i got sick bummer anyways chow amor
I miss erik by the way his the best ever :)