Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why do i have to be a girl

I fell for him again
i dumped the lover
I left my love
And i fell in love with him all over again


Why do i have to be a girl...
I hate how i just dumped my boyfriend today i felt like an ass because i am not even that sure of how much i really do like larelle maybe i just like lots of guys and i just cant handle just one. I hate how robert plays too much which then makes me dislike larelle and thats the main reason i like him in the first place i guess in a way that could be considered lust i always wanted to be with the guy i fell in love with ya i fell in love once from what i know i really liked omar but his just too random which i can take but perfect isnt what i want and his something i see long term not just in the bliss i want to date larelle just so that i can pretend that his robert and how much i loved him i could gove him a huge hug i miss jose even hours later i hate missing up good things for something that ends up sizzling out...
Lorena is suppose to be coming to my soccer game and i have to miss thursdays game because i got sick bummer anyways chow amor
I miss erik by the way his the best ever :)